Employers who have used grapevinejobs have been highly complimentary about the experience. Here’s what they’ve said:

"Clear and intuitive. Thank you for making it so easy."
Deluxe Digital Studios Limited
"Response has been brilliant. Will definitely use Grapevine again. Like the way you do things!"
A Brand Apart Television Ltd
"We have found a superstar, you guys are my lifesaver!"
Fireworks International / ContentFilm
"Although only a few applications, they have been good calibre candidates and three of them are shortlisted. We are very satisfied with the result from Grapevine and will use you again in the future."
Broadcast Text International
"Quick and easy - great price! Excellent support. Will use you again."
Vizrt UK Limited
"We actually did fill [the job] from grapevine and I e-mailed one of your colleagues to say thank you. We will certainly be back!"
TC Group
"awesome!!! thank you!"
Skyworks Ltd
"Simple and easy, Cyndee was very helpful and fixed my logo before I could blink. Brilliant"
Halo Post
"Thanks again for your excellent service!"
Trifield Productions
"We have found an excellent candidate for our company through grapevine so many thanks and I'm sure we will be in touch again."
Splice TV
"I have been very pleased with the response and candidates, I have more than enough now and we are onto 2nd interview stage, it is my first time using yourselves and will do so in the future.
Technicolor Creative Services
"Very good high quality response - we found somebody excellent very quickly."
The Sound Company Ltd
"This is by far the best site that I've ever used. Congrats!"
"Thank you so much for all your help. Grapevinejobs is the first place we turn to whenever we have a position to fill. We were amazed by the quality of the applicants. We can highly recommend the professional friendly and attentive service offered by all the staff. Thanks."
Mercury Media / joiningthedocs.tv
"We had a great response and no longer need to advertise our position."
"I am pleased to say that I have found the ideal candidate who will be joining us in a few weeks.
I’d like to say that your service has been outstanding and I look forward to using you again."
"Cyndee and the team are the blueprint for how to run a job advert site."
JRD Media Ltd
“We’ve had a great response to all three positions so thank you very much for all your help with this!”
NBC Universal
"I was very impressed with the level of service and response we've received from our grapevine ad. We have found the right applicant and will definitely use Grapevine again in the future."
1st Option Representation
“We hired someone for the Executive Assistant position we had from our posting!”
MTV / Viacom
"I put up the ad for our Head of department and she is very pleased with the result. We had many very good applicants and the candidate chosen has already been proven very competent. Thank you again for your great customer service."
SBS Broadcasting Networks
"Following a tremendous response to our job listing we would like to close it before we become inundated. We appear to have many good quality responses."
Shift 4 Ltd
"html typography seems to be working well so far!"
42nd Street
"Thank you for your email and following up on our ad. We have found several good candidates that have come via grapevinejobs. I thank you for your great service. I personally will use your service as soon as any vacancy comes up at our company."
"I found grapevine a brilliant website for jobs. Not only did I find myself my first job with the site but we've hopefully found the perfect candidate to start with us. We did have a lot of response but they were all quite good. I don't think we need to run the ad again as we've our second round of interviews tomorrow."
Ogilvy Advertising
"A straightforward and comprehensive process complemented by expert advice on hand from the outstanding grapevine jobs team."
JRD Media Ltd
"The listing process is so straightforward even my kittens could do it. Please find their vacancy listed below. "Wanted - Courageous rodent with masochistic tendencies to join our high-risk venture team in a lively environment. Must be athletic. This is a short term contract."
42nd Street
"We’ve now taken on 3 runners from the response to our advert so if it could now be removed to prevent anyone else from applying that would be great.
Thank you for all your help, the questions really helped narrow down the selection process so it’s something we’ll definitely do again."
Halo Post Production
"We would like to continue with the job credits, they have been great at generating a wider pool of candidates than our intranet which has been of value to us."
"I’m pleased to say that we did manage to fill the role through Grapevine."
Fireworks International / ContentFilm
"I love using Grapevine, I get the right candidates (have already had one through that I am definitely going to interview) and the service is always pretty amazing!"
Shed Media
"We found our Admin Assistant last week and yes she did come through Grapevinejobs.
We were very impressed by the general calibre of candidate and the decision in the end was quite difficult as we had 3 or 4 great people who I think would all have been good at the job."
Contender Entertainment Group
"really helpful, clear, step by step process. Great for the less techno savvy amongst us! "
Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Ltd.
"Thanks for your email. The response has been very good and we will not need to re-run the advert. "
JCA TV Media Facilities
"I have used the live assistance option several times and find the service on this really quick, helpful and patient. It shows really great customer support and service. "
Blueberry Creative Consultants
"The response was fabulous - just faced with the job of sorting through.
Once again you guys delivered. A great site and service. "
anonymous recording studio
"We post on many sites and I was pleased with how easy Grapevine is to use. "
Is it possible to stop advertising a job as we have had a fantastic response and have no need to receive any more cv's? "
Business Communication Forum
"I'm really impressed with your system!"
"Dear Grapevine, Thank you for the reminder. We won't need to continue advertising for the position. The response we received was beyond our expectations!"
"We have now filled the vacancy from one of the applications that we received from Grapevine.
We will definitely look to use the site for similar jobs in the future, the response was excellent."
Eaglecliff Limited
"Just wanted to thank you guys at Grapevine. Hadn't heard of you before last week. I am blown away by the level of professionalism and would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends in the industry. Can you let the rest of team in on the praise. "
"Great customer service which means it’s a pleasure to deal with you!"
NEP Visions Limited
"I am pleased to say that we have now recruited and to say a big thank you to grapevine for helping us find our candidate !!"
Target Entertainment Ltd
"We have appointed someone so the ad was successful."
"We had a good response thanks and have 2 people lined up for the job – we’ll hopefully appoint today so we shouldn’t need to relist. Thanks for your help."
Entertainment Media Research
"Looks like we've found a couple of excellent candidates - can you remove the ad for me so I don't get anymore enquiries. Thanks for your help in redefining the ad - worked a treat!"
Inflight Productions
"It is great to receive such attention and great service! We have certainly been getting great applicants."
Artemis Recruitment Ltd
"We had a good response to the vacancy and the calibre of applicants were such that we hope to fill this position without the need to advertise further. However, we appreciate your offer to run the ad longer and would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the staff at Grapevine Jobs for all your help. "
National Geographic Television International
"The job advert was successful. The department have made an appointment from Grapevine and they are in the process of interviewing more candidates, so fingers crossed. We will not need to run the advert again. Thanks for your help."
Input Media
"I have to say this is the best customer service I have received in a long time! Not even a close comparison with your competitors, might I add!"
Teachers TV
"very straight-forward, simple and smooth process. plus the final ad format looks great and we don't have to fuss around to make it look neat and tidy. a great time saver!"
"Just to let you know we have had a superb response from our advert for head of marketing, I am delighted."
Playboy TV
"Once again we were able to fill the role with your help. Grapevine is a fantastic resource, always provides excellent service and candidates."
Entertainment Rights PLC
"We had some really good candidates from Grapevine and I was impressed with how painless the process was! We will definitely use the website again if we have jobs come up."
Tiger Aspect Productions
"By the way we successfully recruited an editor from our most recent advert. Thanks!"
"Of all the jobsites I use Grapevine consistently provides the best service, and the best price – it’s really appreciated."
Matinée Sound & Vision Limited
"Brilliant! It’s my new favourite online service......."
"we had a great response from our ad and are in the process of interviewing some people. Many thanks for your help, you certainly helped the process go smoothly!"
"Excellent as always!"
Unit Post Production Ltd
"Easy, a great tool for advertising."
The Continuity Company
"excellent - very quick to enter info. online presentation is very clean and easy to read. thanks."
Fox Sports International

"We continue to be very pleased with your service and the responses we get."
Mobix Interactive

"just revisited the site thinking that I would have to go thru' the process of filling in all details re posting a similar position only to my surprise and delight to find everything is still held on my account and I have just had to hit one key - in fact it has taken me longer to write this endorsement than the job advert!!"
Axis Films Ltd

"Absolutely brilliant! Really easy and looks great."

"As always easy and I like the new summary page when you log in."
Inflight Productions

"Thanks again for all your help - your site is pure genius."

"logical, quick to complete, helpful tips... hope it works!"
PCR Recruitment

"Thanks Gary. Best of luck with Grapevine. It’s a cool sight.
By the way… put the prices up."
Metropolis Group Ltd

"We had a good response including some very good candidates. We certainly were happy with the service you provided for us last time."
Kiss 100

"Perfectly simple and delightfully easy"
The Excellent Voice Company Ltd

"Thanks we did find someone through Grapevine and are offering her the job today. It went very well."
Samantha Horley, Lumina Films

"very clear and easy to complete - beats the old Broadcast deadline and print approval process hands down"
Figment Media

"It's easy to use and very effective. We've received good applications and have brought qualified candidates in for interviews."
Indie Kids International

"Grapevine has been great and provided us with a lot of good members of staff.  We hope this latest ad will bring in the team leader to head up the whole thing"

"We have hired two good people from our advertisements with you"
Stagecoach Agency (UK) Ltd

"Easy to use Available at all times Excellent call line support Marvellous! Lets hope we find someone!"
Technicolor Distribution Services

"Thank you very much for your assistance with this job. We have had very good applications (and will therefore recommend the website to everyone!) and are now down to the final shortlist."
HR Manager
International In-flight Entertainment Company

"grapevinejobs has proved an excellent source of recruitment for us. Reasonable and easy to use."
Flextech Television

"Exceptional success is how I would describe the response we have received by advertising on grapevinejobs.com. The registration system was quick and easy to follow, a confirmation email was delivered to me within an hour and our copy was up on the site the same afternoon. We received two applications within 24 hours and then at least 2-3 each day there after. Our advertisement was bold and clear and includes our company logo, area location and salary details. We loved the way applicants just emailed their CV direct from the website to our office as this made the whole administration process much quicker. Excellent value for money service which we will definitely use again in the future."
CVB Duplication

"A valuable source of recruitment"
Orbit Communications

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the response I have recently received through grapevinejobs.com for a position available within Trans World International.  I noticed that 661 people looked at the position and 61 replied.  Out of these 61 responses a large number were seen for interview. I will definitely be in touch if, as and when we need to recruit for another position within TWI."

"Excellent – clear, concise and our logo appeared as if by magic"
Anthropics Technology Ltd

"I thought grapevinejobs was very simple to use and cost effective.  I had a good response for both the jobs I advertised on the site, managing to fill two positions at IMS.  The general level of candidates was good and the fact that applications are e-mailed made them easy to administer.  Overall I would say I was very satisfied with the service grapevinejobs provided."

"Great process – really easy. Like it a lot! … The successful candidate was recruited from grapevinejobs.com"
United Cinemas International (UK) Ltd

"Simple, easy to use, fast & efficient"
Reflex Communications

"Thanks for all your help, we have certainly got value for money and will be using your services again!"
Edric Audio Visual

"Many thanks for all your help on this one, we've had a fantastic response."

"Please remove this advert from your website as we have filled the position. The successful candidate applied via grapevinejobs so thanks very much!"
HR Advisor, Major UK cinema operator

"We are pleased with the response, it hasn't been too overwhelming and we have some good candidates. We shan't be extending the deadline as we are happy with out list of candidates. Many thanks for your assistance to date. Pathé, I am sure, shall utilise your services again in the future. Best wishes."

"It's a very good site and easy to use! I have used monster.co.uk in the past and grapevine is much better!"
Turner Broadcasting

"Please could you remove the Department Administrator job from grapevinejobs. Thanks. We're getting fantastic responses to the vacancies we've advertised on grapevinejobs so far!"
Channel 4

"Very quick and easy to use - covering all the relevant aspects of candidate selection and an excellent pre-screening form - very helpful for sorting through volumes of applications!"

"a truly wonderful, easy to use service."

"You guys are so much better than the Guardian! I bet they have lost out on lots of business because of you guys."